Meet Mindy

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my work!  I’m very grateful for each and every person who has supported my journey here, encouraged me, and entrusted me to capture precious moments of their family history.  Many, many years ago I knew I wanted to be a photographer but I ended up following a different path.  I proudly served my country in the Air Force, married an insanely handsome and intelligent man, and moved halfway around the globe to be with him. We moved back to the states (Houston, TX) a few years ago, shortly after that we had our baby boy!

This little boy, these moments with him, each of them so precious and perfect.  His little fingers curled around mine, his bubble gum like toes just waiting to be gobbled up, his baby curls glistening and bouncing in the warm sun.  His arms barely wrapping around my neck, his open mouth slobber kisses, and the way curiosity lights up his entire face.  How tiny he is cradled in daddy’s secure arms, but safe and protected for just a little while longer.  These are the moments I just want to snatch up, shove into a box, and never let out!  Although if I did that I could never enjoy them…

Let’s create something beautiful

Bare feet pattering in the dirt, delicate wildflowers, fields of weeds swaying in the breeze, dreamy hazy light filtering through the trees, and raw wild emotion is what inspires my photography.  My favorite moments to photograph are those between a mother and her children. There is nothing sweeter, more pure, or as everlasting as a mother's love.  I strive for relaxing natural sessions where we capture connections, real expressions, and all the little details you hope to hold onto forever.

I have so many pictures of my son and my husband.  Sadly, mothers rarely find themselves in front of the lens.  My husband took a turn behind my camera and gifted me with these sweet pictures of my son and I playing in the field.  This is everything.  I want to give this back to every mother I meet, not just for her, but also for her children to cherish and pass on.

Leave behind a legacy.